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About Ankur:

Ankur Chotai, Founder & CEO of Repute InfoSystems, is a visionary leader with over two decades of experience in the IT industry. With a strong passion for WordPress specifically, Ankur has driven innovation and automation through powerful plugins such as BookingPress, ARMember, ARForms, and ARPrice, transforming businesses worldwide. His commitment to excellence and dedication to advancing the WordPress ecosystem make him a driving force in the industry. Additionally, He is an active WordPress meetup organizer, furthering community engagement and knowledge-sharing.

Koji je vaš posao?CEO
Kako se zove vaša kompanija?Repute Infosystems
Šta radite sa WordPress-om?We sell Plugins like BookingPress, ARMember, ARForms etc.
Opišite WordPress zajednicu u samo nekoliko riječi.The WordPress community is very helpful and one of the biggest communities with lots of talented people.

Episode Transcript

[00:00:00] Speaker A: Welcome to WPCoffeeTalk with your podcast Barista Michelle Frechette, where we interview people in the WordPress community from all over the world. Every guest is asked the same questions and every guest has wonderful and varied answers about their history and their hopes. Special thanks to our espresso level sponsors, Bluehost, WS Form and Beaver Builder.

[00:00:23] Speaker B: And now on with the show.

Welcome to WPCoffeeTalk. I’m your podcast Barista Michelle Frechette, serving up the WordPress stories from around the world. And today my guest is Ankur Chotai, who is the CEO of Repute Infosystems. Welcome to the show. Ankur, how are you?

[00:00:46] Speaker C: Thank you, Michelle. I’m good. It’s Saturday evening, so, you know, I’m very much relaxed and waiting for my friends to come over and we will have some, you know, so for some fun time.

[00:00:58] Speaker B: Oh good, I’m glad to hear that. I always worry when I’m talking to people around the world. It’s my morning, it’s your evening. I’m hoping I don’t keep you from your family or keep you from sleep. So it’s good to hear that you have some fun things for the Celine.

[00:01:14] Speaker C: I would like to thank you for finding a time during the weekend in your morning. Thank you very much.

[00:01:21] Speaker B: Oh, it’s my pleasure. It’s a great way to be able to connect with people around the world for sure. So for people who don’t know you tell us just a little bit about yourself and what you do.

[00:01:31] Speaker C: Well, I am myself Ankur Chotai. I run this company called Repute Info System and I’m with this, I started this company like in 2005. And initially we were working on different type of PHP projects and then eventually, you know, we moved to WordPress and then never looked back.

[00:01:59] Speaker B: Very nice. And you are in India? Where in India are you located?

[00:02:03] Speaker C: Yeah, I live in India. I.

I’m sorry, I’ll have to, just give me a minute.

I’m sorry about that. You know, India is country of temples and this is the time where the, you know, prayer and everything. So, you know, there was a noise out from outside the window. Sorry about that.

[00:02:24] Speaker B: No worries.

[00:02:24] Speaker C: Yeah, so I live in Gujarat, which is a west, which is in the west part of India. And you must have heard Gujarat is the only state where you find asiatic lions.

[00:02:37] Speaker B: Oh, yes. Okay. Very cool. As long as they’re not in your home then, then that’s good.

[00:02:43] Speaker C: The jungle is far, like, you know, 200 km or like say more than 100 miles. Yeah.

[00:02:49] Speaker B: Okay, good. That’s a good thing.

So I ask everybody to show us their mug. I see you have a mug. Can you tell, tell us a little bit about it and what are you doing?

[00:02:59] Speaker C: Yes, yeah, it’s a, it’s a coffee, you know, there is one coffee shop called CCD coffee Coffee Day and I like their coffee. And the mug is about the booking press, which is our, you know, beloved latest WordPress plugin. It’s an appointment, WordPress appointment, WordPress booking plugin.

[00:03:20] Speaker B: Very good. I met you while you were at your booth at work camp Asia, I.

[00:03:25] Speaker C: Think we were, yes, yes, yes.

[00:03:26] Speaker B: Even in the same room.

[00:03:27] Speaker C: Yeah, yeah, we were met there, there only. Yeah.

[00:03:32] Speaker B: So I’ll show you my mug. I have a brand new one nobody’s seen before. It’s these roses and it has a little top to keep the coffee warm, which is lovely. And today I’m drinking coffee also. So I like my coffee very sweet and creamy. I have cream and sugar in my coffee today.

[00:03:48] Speaker C: Okay, then that makes the two of us because you know, I cannot drink bitter coffee. I need some sugar and some cream.

[00:03:56] Speaker B: Yeah, same, me too, for sure. So for, so tell us, how did you get started with WordPress?

[00:04:03] Speaker C: Well actually the thing is that, you know, in 2011 we were working on different PHP projects and this project came to us that, you know, the requirement was to create a build a website, simple website in WordPress. And you know, we learned some of the WordPress because it’s super easy to learn WordPress as everybody know. So we learned some WordPress and we created that website and it was so easy, so fast that, you know, that made us think that, you know, maybe we should keep doing this thing and bring more clients and more business from the WordPress itself.

And then, you know, while we are after that, one of another client, we were making a kind of a phone builder for them and one of my colleague, you know, why we were just sitting relaxed and chatting general things and one of my colleagues brought this idea that, hey uncle, why don’t we make a plugin of this thing? Because you know, we are a programming company. You know, mainly we have a maximum 80 90% of coder in my company. So we thought, you know, he gave, given me this idea and you know, I thought, yeah, that’s not a bad idea, let’s at least give it, give it a chance, let’s see what it does. And you know, we launched our first plugin called Ar Forms in Envato platform. And it was a hit, you know, it was a, you know, the product was selling and we were getting money and then, you know, then it motivated itself and it was really fun to work in WordPress.

[00:05:38] Speaker B: I love that.

[00:05:40] Speaker C: I love talking.

[00:05:42] Speaker B: I love to hear everybody’s journeys. Everybody has a different way that they arrived in WordPress and it’s always fun to hear. When you think about WordPress websites or websites in general around the world, what is something that you think we as designers, developers, web builders don’t focus enough attention on that would actually make our sites better for the end user?

[00:06:06] Speaker C: Well, if you, you know, this is something I would like to tell everybody that, you know, most of people do not focus about the speed and performance, which is really, really bad thing. You know, it’s a bad experience for, you know, visitors also if your site is not loading, you know, with enough speed and then it’s big problem. And you know, if you think about from the SEO point of view also, then also, you know, Google hates those, the website which are not loading faster. So I think, you know, people are, you know, agencies should focus more about the performance and the way, you know, their website loads and how it performs.

[00:06:50] Speaker B: Yeah, I think that that’s true. A slow website will make people leave very quickly and also I think they lose confidence in whatever it is that you’re selling, which also.

[00:07:00] Speaker C: Exactly.

[00:07:00] Speaker B: Not a good thing. Not a good thing.

[00:07:03] Speaker C: Yeah, yeah, sorry. And now I’d like to add up to that. You know, nowadays we use lot of page builders and everything that actually, you know, slows down even though, you know, further to their websites. And after that, you know, nobody actually cares about speeding up the website and everything. So it, you know, it damages their business and their impression also.

[00:07:27] Speaker B: I mean, I think it depends on the page builder. I use page builders for all of my websites and I’ve got them optimized pretty well. So I think it just depends on how much, you know and how well you can work within the system. But I think probably, and it’s some of the older ones probably for sure. But also there’s just a lot that can go into making a site faster for sure. Absolutely. What’s something that you wish you had known earlier in your WordPress journey that might have made things a whole lot easier?

[00:07:55] Speaker C: Well, we didn’t know that, you know, woocommerce, you know, connecting with woocommerce, it’s a huge business opportunity. You know, there are, there are lots of potential add ons which, you know, we can be, you could have, we could have built with woocommerce and that would have made this company grow much more faster and that could have given, you know, people many, many more features and add ons for them to use.

[00:08:25] Speaker B: Yeah. Woo is. Did you see that? They were woocommerce, then woo, and now they’re going back to woocommerce.

[00:08:34] Speaker C: Yeah. Dynamite is going on.

[00:08:35] Speaker B: Yeah. So. But I agree. I think woocommerce is very easy to use.

You can get lost in the weeds if you don’t know what you’re doing because there are so many add ons. And I still think that shipping is the most difficult thing to figure out if you’re shipping physical products. But for digital products, man, it’s really, really useful, for sure.

[00:08:54] Speaker C: Yeah, that’s true.

[00:08:56] Speaker B: So you are a meetup organizer. You’ve been to word camps. What’s something, an event or an experience that you had at a wordcamp or a WordPress event that really was a pivotal or inspirational moment for you?

[00:09:12] Speaker C: Well, if I tell you the truth, you know, every wordcamp gives us something, something and much more. Not just something. It is a huge and a great experience. Every time you. We go to, you know, I go to warcamp, I learn many new things. I come with, you know, lots of energy, and I, you know, I talk with my people that, okay, we need to do much more things, you know, and we need to move much more faster. But one incident, if I tell you, like, a few months ago, we. There was a world camp Ahmedabad. If, you know, Ahmedabad in India. Gujarat. There was a world camp Ahmedabad, and we were one of the sponsor. That was our first experience as a sponsor, and that changed a lot of things. That changed a lot of things. The way we were doing business, you know, because visiting our, you know, attending a world camp is a different thing. And being a sponsor in a world camp is a, you know, whole lot of things that was inspiring and pay, you know, that was a pivotal for us that, you know, after that, we brainstormed and we, you know, tried to, you know, run everything differently and in a much more better manner.

[00:10:23] Speaker B: Do you find that people are interested to learn more about you when you have a booth at a sponsor hall?

[00:10:30] Speaker C: Of course. Of course people, you know, there are. There were two things, you know, if I tell you about my experience, there were two things. Lot of people came there, and they wanted to learn about our product. They wanted to learn about us. And even we meet some of the great, nice people like you in world Warcamp. And it was, you know, fun. And there was a couple of surprise moment also when people knew about. Already knew about our product. And that was really pleasant thing to have you know, you know, when somebody tell, oh, you are from booking press. Well, I use booking press and it’s a good product. That is something, you know, really, you know, good take from it.

[00:11:08] Speaker B: Yeah, absolutely. Well, let’s talk a little bit about booking press. I know that you’ve got your shirt, you’ve got your mug. It’s your flagship product right now.

What sets it apart from other booking systems? So when you booked on my calendar, you saw that I’m using calendly right now.

[00:11:27] Speaker C: Yes.

[00:11:28] Speaker B: And I have used other booking systems in the past. What makes booking press so wonderful? Why should somebody like me use it?

[00:11:36] Speaker C: Well, they, you know, if you ask me to talk about booking press, you will have to give me time limit because, you know, I’m not gonna stop.

I’m just kidding. So the thing is that, you know, when we started booking press, the idea was that, you know, we are a, you know, product based company as well as we are doing projects also. So that gives us experience. When you do projects for some customers, some clients, it gives you, you know, much more experience that, you know, what are their pains and during using existing plugins, how they are feeling and what, what the problem which those plugins are not able to solve. So, you know what? I felt it that, you know, there are multiple appointment or booking plugins available in market, but most of them are very complex, you know, to configure them, to use them. So the idea was that, you know, makeup booking plugin, which is very much simple, and even the person who is not technically, you know, who is not coder or much more technically related with WordPress also should be able to configure and start using the booking plugin. That is how the idea came. And then we started working on it. We took lots of feedback from our existing customer and everything. And after that, we started first line of coding.

[00:12:56] Speaker B: That’s awesome.

[00:12:57] Speaker C: That’s how, you know, I used to.

[00:12:59] Speaker B: Work with, when I used to work in higher education before I was working in tech, and the last school that I worked at was a massage school. And if booking press had been around back then, it would have been so easy for the massage therapist to be able to have somebody book online instead of having to use third party SaaS systems and push people off their websites to go to this other booking platform. So I can absolutely see the benefit of using a booking plugin instead of. Yeah, yeah.

[00:13:33] Speaker C: Thank you very much. Actually, the thing is that, you know, this time, you know, before when we made the plugin, we bring a premium version and lite version, everything all together this time, you know, we just launched free and then we gathered lots of ideas from the people because we know when you are giving something free to people, they would be happy to give, spend their time and give some nice, really useful feedback. So this is how booking press built, you know, with the ideas and with the requirements of different, different customers around the world.

[00:14:08] Speaker B: I love that. That’s awesome. So when somebody uses booking press, do they download the free version? And then if they want additional things, there’s the add ons they can do. Is that how it works?

[00:14:21] Speaker C: Yeah, see booking press free version. Yeah, we always want that, you know, everybody use first go through and use the free version. That’s how they know that, you know, is it the right thing for them to use? Because, you know, their entire business gonna be dependent on entire appointment system is going to be dependent on our plugin. So we want that, you know, this, they just, you know, use our free plugin and then we have, we don’t charge anything for the add ons at all. We have booking press premium version and we have made three packages, standard professional and the developer Edison and depend on the number of licenses they can buy the various package and they just need to pay for the package itself. After that, you know, they can download and install and use all the add ons. We have like more than 40 add ons and like, you know, more than 18 payment gateways supported worldwide, which I don’t think none of the booking plugin right now available has, you know, except for the, if you connect with the woocommerce, then sky is the limit.

[00:15:24] Speaker B: Exactly.

And that was something that I hadn’t even thought about before I started booking appointments. So like when I started using booking calendar, booking plugins and calendly and all those things, it was always just to give people a time to meet with me or to sign up for the podcast. But now I do things like coaching sessions and pick my brain sessions and so I can send somebody that link and they have to pay me in advance of meeting with me. And so it sounds to me that you can do that also through booking press.

[00:15:57] Speaker C: Yeah, we can do that. We have, we have a facility you can pay before, after you can send, you know, people can say, pay some of the like 20% deposit or something like that. We have many different ways to handle your booking.

[00:16:11] Speaker B: That’s wonderful. I love that. So how long has booking press been out in the world for people to use?

[00:16:16] Speaker C: Well, like, you know, more than a two and a half year, our free version is out for like more than a two and a half year. And just after around one year of the release of the lite version, we brought the premium version. So it’s not, it’s kind of young still, but you know, people are loving it. So, you know, we are putting our all lots of effort to make it better and better.

[00:16:41] Speaker B: And so many of us are using Google calendars, right. We use Gmail, we use Google calendars. And so booking press is able to integrate with our calendar systems like that. Absolutely, I would hope so. I would expect so. Actually. That makes the only thing that makes sense. Yeah.

[00:16:58] Speaker C: I tell you one thing that, you know, most of our customers, you know, the even they use Google calendar with booking press. That’s their favorite combination.

[00:17:08] Speaker B: Yeah. I think Google is taking over the world, so. Or it already has, I don’t know. But you have to fit into the Google world to make things work is what I’m trying to say.

[00:17:17] Speaker C: Of course, yes.

[00:17:19] Speaker B: So other than booking press, what does repute info systems do?

[00:17:24] Speaker C: Well, we have a few more plugins. There is one called AR member, which is a membership plugin. Then there is AR prize, this is a pricing table plugin. And then there is AR form, which is our first plugin. We started with our journey of plugin with AR forms and we, unfortunately we haven’t done anything with theme yet. We would love to, but you know, we are not a designer. Me being a CEO before, you know, starting this company or even during this journey, I am always the technical person of this company. So, you know, I am not the creative one, I am the coder one.

[00:18:02] Speaker B: Gotcha. That makes sense. I think it’s rare to find a developer who’s in marketing or a marketing person who’s a good developer. We tend to be a little, there are, they do exist, but it’s better when you can work with somebody and, and work together to get those things working, I think.

[00:18:18] Speaker C: Well, the thing is that it’s a, it’s a big advantage when you are a developer and you jump into the marketing, then that’s a, you know, really benefit because you know, technically if you want to achieve something, if your customer says something or if some feature is good for the marketing point of view, then you gonna know exactly that, you know how to achieve that function because you are a programmer.

[00:18:41] Speaker B: Right. So, but that’s where the teams come into place. Right. So if you have a good team who’s working on your marketing and integrating well with your developers is what I’m trying to say so that everybody can move forward in the best way. Yeah, yeah.

[00:18:54] Speaker C: Nowadays my role is just very limited to make a decision and you know, just chat with people and that’s it. You know, I don’t do coding anymore, unfortunately.

[00:19:03] Speaker B: I have one plugin in the repository where I just forked hello Dolly. And so I’m not really a developer, but it looks like I am if you go to my profile. So I’m not mad that I have the badge, but I don’t want anybody to ask me to do any programming for them.

[00:19:21] Speaker C: I understand that. I very much understand that. Nowadays even somebody thinks that we are making this many plugins in a wordcamp or anywhere. If somebody case that, hey Ankur, I have this problem, technical issue with the booking press and you tell me the board snippet and how. Then I get nervous that oh my God, I love to find my, you know, saviors, my team members that, you know, come and help this person.

[00:19:48] Speaker B: Yeah, exactly.

Well, let’s move into our rapid fire questions. They aren’t really rapid, they’re just, they may have shorter answers I guess is why I call them that. But the, they’re still fun. So let’s just get, let’s begin with that. What are two or three must have plugins that you would recommend to somebody building their own website?

[00:20:10] Speaker C: Well, as everybody know, yoast is one of them. I would say then maybe for the security, you know, security is one of those plugins. Word fence is one of those plugins. I would recommend, and I would recommend for the backup you should have updraft. That is one of the, my personal favorite. And you should have at least one caching plugin we are using. Personally I use WP rocket.

[00:20:42] Speaker B: Make things a little faster that way, doesn’t it?

[00:20:45] Speaker C: Yeah, that’s true.

[00:20:47] Speaker B: You said speed. So those, those caching plugins absolutely help with that a little bit.

[00:20:51] Speaker C: Yeah. Actually you know, I am, even though I’m not doing coding anymore, but I am passionate about, about the performance and speed. So, you know, I know a little bit about Linux also. So I optimize, you know, from the server end then this plugin helps, you know, caching plugin helps a lot. And you know the third thing, as you said, if you use a good page builder like you can work, then you know there won’t be much of issue of the speed and performance.

[00:21:21] Speaker B: Exactly. At any point in your WordPress or business journey have you had a mentor, whether it was officially a mentor or somebody that you kind of took you under their wing or maybe you looked up to. And can you tell us who it is?

[00:21:36] Speaker C: Well, I would say I never needed any mentor, particularly for WordPress, because it was that much easy that, you know, you started using and within one month you become expert in WordPress. That is what I would say. If I look overreacting, that’s fine.

[00:21:56] Speaker B: Who is somebody that you admire in the WordPress community and why?

[00:22:01] Speaker C: Well, I would say that everybody who helps, you know, I wouldn’t say any particular person, but generally in general, everybody, you know, because in a community built little by little, as they say, Rome was not built overnight. I mean, so, you know, everybody who helps community grow, I admire all of them. And especially if I tell you about tell one person, is this Michelle fresher?

[00:22:29] Speaker B: Thank you, that’s very sweet of you.

I love that. It’s a good question. And I think that there’s so many people who are just really doing good work in the community, so it’s nice to be able to recognize them for sure.

What’s something that you’d still like to learn in WordPress but that you haven’t learned yet?

[00:22:51] Speaker C: Well, we are not into the theme, so I would like, I’d love to, you know, jump into the theme and development and everything because although it is a programming, but, you know, development of plugin is a bit different than development of theme. So I would like to learn and, you know, you know, get into the business of theme also.

[00:23:13] Speaker B: Very nice. Yeah, I work at stellar WP and Cadence is one of our themes.

[00:23:18] Speaker C: Yes, I know.

[00:23:19] Speaker B: Built on Gutenberg, so, you know, that’s why it’s one of my.

[00:23:24] Speaker C: Yeah, and it’s really fast.

[00:23:26] Speaker B: Yes, it is. And I love that.

I’m actually rebuilding some of my old sites that were in different builders into cadence so that they’re faster and a little more up to date. So, yeah, so stand by for those to happen, especially WP coffee talk, which is built on an older system, so.

[00:23:44] Speaker C: Okay, good to know.

[00:23:46] Speaker B: Yeah. What’s the biggest mistake that you’ve ever made in WordPress and what did you learn from it?

[00:23:52] Speaker C: Well, mistake, I would say that, you know, usually what? I would say that, you know, update your plugin. I once, there was a time that, you know, one of our product website got hacked by a hacker and the reason was that, no, we were not regularly updating our plugins and themes and everything. So I would say that, you know, I would never do that mistake again. I would always keep all my plugins, all themes and WordPress itself up to date on every website. I use or for my client also.

[00:24:26] Speaker B: Yeah, I think that’s a really good lesson. And one of the ways you can harden your site is to make sure that everything is up to date so it’s not as exploitable. Yeah, I think we’ve all learned that lesson at one point in time or.

[00:24:38] Speaker C: Another, of course, because, because, you know, WordPress is the biggest, you know, more than 40% of the website built only in WordPress. So it becomes easier for hacker to target, you know, WordPress website, it, you know, because, you know, once the, the hacker finds one single vulnerability and, you know, all he or she need to do is find all the website which uses that plugin or theme and that’s it, you know?

[00:25:03] Speaker B: Exactly. So stay on top of those things. Absolutely. Good advice. What is your proudest WordPress moment?

[00:25:11] Speaker C: Well, there are not, I would, again, I would be clear about that because, you know, there are not, there is not a single proudest moment, you know, there are multiple proudest moments. Proudest moment. You know, whenever my team achieves some good things or good numbers in WordPress, whenever I meet, you know, I go to attend Wordcamp one by another every time I feel proud about something that I am connected with WordPress. So I don’t think there is a single particular moment.

[00:25:45] Speaker B: And I thought you were going to say when you put booking press out into the world. But I understand there are many things that make us proud for sure.

And being able to see that at Wearcamp Asia was really nice to meet you and the team and learn about your product. So. For sure.

[00:26:00] Speaker C: Yeah, yeah, you are, I would say, if I’m allowed. You are so cute to meet in parts and you are so friendly person. You know, we, even after you left, my colleague, we were talking about you like, you know, she’s really inspiration.

[00:26:16] Speaker B: Oh, thank you. It was fun to get a picture with your team too and have the Michelle and me selfies up there, which was really fun.

[00:26:23] Speaker C: Yeah.

[00:26:25] Speaker B: If you weren’t working in technology, web tech, and all of the things you do now, what’s a different career that you might like to try?

[00:26:32] Speaker C: Well, I would say there was no plan B.

[00:26:39] Speaker B: If the Internet stopped working tomorrow, what would you do to feed your family? That’s a better question, maybe.

[00:26:46] Speaker C: Well, I might go to my, you know, family business, we have a couple of shops and everything. But personally I would say that, you know, I never believed in plan B because when there is a plan b, you know, you can, you do not. I personally believe that you want put your hundred percent when you have plan B, that means you have kept some doubt in your mind that, you know, you will fail. So, you know, when I first saw a computer that was black and white in 1992 in India, there was, you know, in stock market office. One of my uncle was having. He was a big broker there, and he bought this new computer. And I saw that computer and I fell in love that, you know, I’m gonna do this thing and I’m gonna be around with this thing throughout my life. So that is how it started.

[00:27:37] Speaker B: I love that. That’s awesome. Well, what’s something on your bucket list? Something you’d like to do that you haven’t done?

[00:27:43] Speaker C: Bucket list. You know, I love to ride a bike, so I would like to go for a bike ride. Do you know Ladakh leh? You might. Maybe you might have heard it is a, in a far north part of India, and it has one of the highest motorable road worldwide. I mean, so I love to go there with my bio, riding my bike. And that is something in my bucket list.

[00:28:12] Speaker B: I love that. It sounds like a hard journey, but it would be fulfilling to get to the top, wouldn’t it?

[00:28:18] Speaker C: Yeah, it would. It would definitely tell us or show.

[00:28:22] Speaker B: Us a hidden talent that you have or interest that people in WordPress might not be aware of.

[00:28:30] Speaker C: Well, I would say I am a pretty bad dancer, but still, I would. I would dance, then I would. I play chess. You know, from time to time, I play chess. And one talent I can show you right now, which I think it’s, you know, funny thing, I can speak Alphabet, english Alphabet in reverse in very quick manner.

[00:28:55] Speaker B: Should I. Yes, do it. Let’s hear it.

[00:28:58] Speaker C: Okay. Z. Yx. W v u t s r q p o n m l k g I s g f edcba.

[00:29:04] Speaker B: That is impressive, sir. I am not able to do that.

Is it good? Very nicely done. Yes, I am impressed. Absolutely.

[00:29:13] Speaker C: Thank you. So that is my hidden talent.

[00:29:15] Speaker B: Very good. Well, if people want to learn more about you or they want to learn more about repute, insper systems or booking press, how do we find you online?

[00:29:27] Speaker C: Well, we have our, you know, we are pretty much active on different, different social media platforms. LinkedIn and, you know, Facebook. LinkedIn. We have social, Facebook community for booking press and then AR member. And we. We are present in Twitter also.

[00:29:45] Speaker B: Very good. And I’ll get all of those links from you. So if people are interested in following up anywhere, all they have to do is go to, find Encore’s episode, and those along with the transcript of today’s episode will be in the show notes, so you can find it all there.

[00:30:04] Speaker C: Thank you very much. So nice of you.

[00:30:06] Speaker B: Yeah, yeah. Thank you so much for joining me today. It was great to get to meet you and learn more about you and your business and all of the things that you do. I really, truly appreciate that you took some time on your weekend to speak with me. So thank you so much for being here.

[00:30:20] Speaker C: Thank you very much for having me. It was really, really fun. You know, it felt like, you know, two people are just two friends are talking and, you know, after a long, very long period. So thank you very much for helping me because, you know, this was my first, you know, to be honest, I.

[00:30:38] Speaker B: Like when I’m the first podcast for people, I try to make it easy. I give you all of the answer the questions in advance, try to make it as easy as possible, collect all the information I need from you so.

[00:30:49] Speaker C: That you can show up. And I gave two thumbs up for that.

[00:30:53] Speaker B: Very good. Thank you. Well, it was good to see you today. We’ll see everybody else on the next episode of WP Coffee Talk. Thank you.

[00:31:01] Speaker C: Okay, thank you.

[00:31:03] Speaker A: We hope you enjoyed this episode of WP Coffee Talk. Please share it with others who, you know, would enjoy hearing from the people who make the WordPress community the wonderful.

[00:31:12] Speaker B: Place that it is.

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