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Welcome to WP Coffee Talk with your podcast Barista Michelle Frechette


Welcome back to WP Coffee Talk! In this episode, Michelle Frechette interviews Devin Walker, the General Manager at Solid WP for Liquid Web. They discuss Devin’s journey in the WordPress community, his role at Solid WP, and the rebranding process. Let’s dive into the conversation!

About Devin Walker

Devin Walker is a seasoned WordPress professional from San Diego, California. He entered the WordPress space over a decade ago as a designer and developer. Over the years, Devin has built numerous plugins and themes, and he eventually co-founded GiveWP, a successful fundraising solution for non-profits. Currently, Devin serves as the General Manager at Solid WP for Liquid Web, overseeing various brands and products.

The Rebranding Process

Devin and his team recently went through a rebranding process, transitioning from I Themes to Solid WP. This decision was driven by the need to align their brand with their core products and offerings. The rebranding involved developing a new vision, creating new UIs, and improving existing features. The team also focused on sunsetting outdated products and acquiring new ones to enhance their portfolio. Throughout the process, Solid WP aimed to be transparent and engage the WordPress community in the rebranding journey.

Lessons Learned

Devin emphasizes the importance of focus in the WordPress space. He regrets not prioritizing their core mission earlier, which led to building distractions and unnecessary products. He advises developers and designers to pay attention to the details and prioritize their core offerings to deliver the best user experience. Devin also highlights the significance of mentorship and mentions Matt Cromwell, a long-time friend and mentor who has played a pivotal role in his WordPress career.

Exciting Future for Solid WP

Looking ahead, Devin is excited about the future of Solid WP and Stellar WP. The team plans to invest in their existing brands, such as LearnDash, Events Calendar, Cadence, Solid Security, Give, and Iconic. They are also exploring new pathways, including potential acquisitions and expanding into hosting and SaaS solutions. Devin envisions a reinforced effort in bringing more features, providing excellent support, and empowering their team and customers.


It was a pleasure to have Devin Walker on WP Coffee Talk. His journey in the WordPress space and his insights into rebranding and building successful products are truly inspiring. To stay connected with Devin, you can follow him on Twitter at @interwebs or visit his website at Be sure to check out Solid WP for the latest updates and offerings. Thank you for joining us today!

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