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Podcasters Unite!

That’s what you get when 18 WordPress podcasters pass the mic. Unity. Collaboration. Humor. And a sense of community.

Thank you to: Nathan Wrigley, Doc Popular, Nyasha Green, Rob Cairns, Kathy Zant, George Woodard, Topher DeRosia, Bob Dunn, Angela Bowman, Remkus Devries, Matt Cromwell, Lesley Sim, Seth Goldstein, Matt Medeiros, Zack Katz, Katie Keith, Adam Silver, and Michelle Frechette for passing the mic!


[00:00:00] Michelle Frechette: Podcasts have fundamentally changed the way we consume information and entertainment. The WordPress community is no stranger to podcasting and embraces podcasts focused on everything from events to individuals to products to community and more. For that reason, we celebrate International Podcast Day on September 30. Let’s pass the podcasting mic around the community.

[00:00:24] Nathan Wrigley: I’m part passing the mic to someone … wait, hang on a minute. This mic’s attached to this stand.

How am I supposed to pass it?

It’s metaphor. I get it, right. Starting over. I’m passing this or any metaphorical mic over to somebody who loves WordPress events.

Oh, hang on a minute. I’ve got this one. This isn’t attached to anything, so I could pass that. Well, there you go.

Will you just take it? Honestly, I haven’t got all day.

[00:01: 05] Doc Popular: I’m passing the mic to someone who enjoys talking to WordPressers as much as I do.

[00:01:14] Nyasha Green: I am passing the mic to the podcaster with the most beautiful smile, the most wonderful content, and who makes me laugh all the time.

[00:01:24] Rob Cairns: Hey, everybody. Rob Cairns here. In honor of Podcast Day, and for those who love WordPress and technology as much as I do, I’m passing the podcast mic to those who care about the WordPress community and those who are passionate about technology.

Enjoy the day, podcasters everywhere.

[00:01:48] Kathy Zant: I’m passing the mic to someone who loves to empower people with WordPress.

[00:01:53] George Woodard: I am passing the mic to someone who is inspiring, enlightening, and represents the underrepresented in tech.

[00:02:03] Topher DeRosia: I’m passing the mic to someone who likes to interview people at WordCamp.

[00:02:08] Bob Dunn: Hey, I’m passing this mic, or at least one of these mics, to someone who elevates voices in WordPress.

[00:02:17] Angela Bowman: Hi. I’m passing the mic to someone who helps us stay motivated and engaged to do all the things.

[00:02:25] Remkus Devries: I’m passing the mic to somebody who loves the WordPress community.

[00:02:31] Matt Cromwell: I’m passing the mic to somebody who builds amazing premium products.

[00:02:35] Lesley Sim: I’m passing the mic to someone who loves talking about WordPress businesses and the WordPress Open Source project.

[00:02:42] Seth Goldstein: I’m passing the mic to somebody who interviews people in the WordPress ecosystem.

[00:02:46] Matt Medeiros: I’m passing the mic to someone who loves WordPress as much as I ooh.

[00:02:50] Zack Katz: I’m passing the mic to someone who loves building blocks.

[00:02:54] Katie Keith: And I’m passing the mic to someone who loves helping people get the most out of WordPress.

[00:03:02] Adam Silver: Hi, there. I’m passing the mic to somebody who likes to attend WordCamp events as much as I do.

Yeah, I’ve been to a whole bunch. See you soon.

[00:03:13] Michelle Frechette: Passing the mic to each other is super fun, and helping each other out along the way is also super fun. But sharing our mics with all of you has been a real pleasure, as we’ve been podcasting over several years, inviting you all onto our shows, sharing with you from our hearts, and doing the things that we do in podcasting here in WordPress. So if you ever want to be a guest, hit us up. We love talking to you. If you have ideas for our shows, we’d love to hear them too.

And from the bottom of our collective hearts, let me say how much we appreciate that you listen, that you pay attention, and that you give us feedback on the things that we do. Happy podcasting day to all of the podcasters in WordPress US. We’ll see you on our next episodes. Bye!