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About Zack:

Zack Katz is the CEO at GravityView, a plugin that makes displaying the information collected from your Gravity Forms displayable (and searchable) on your website. If that wasn’t enough to make you like him, he also collects gifs and videos to make a bad day better, shares music to make you happy, and always finds a way to make others smile.

What is your job title?CEO
What is your company name?GravityView
What do you do with WordPress?
I run GravityView, the best way to display, import, and edit Gravity Forms entries. We’re a team of four great people around the world. I also run many personal and project sites on WordPress and I’m—slowly!—getting back into blogging for fun.
Describe the WordPress community in just a few words.A large, kind, and diverse group of people who love one great piece of software.